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Tired of the same ole cookie cutter pizza from the " Big Guys " with flimsy crust and watered down sauce?  Well so are we thats why we take pride in our ingredients to ensure our guest the highest quality menu we could possibly provide. Dough and sauce made daily and all orders are made to order so come try out your new favorite pizza spot.


Known for our crust which can withstand even the most absurd amount of toppings so pile it on and enjoy. If you are looking for something completely different from the norm try our signature Sweet 'N' Spicy pizza or give our one of a kind speciality pizzas a go. Guaranteed to satisfy!

Wings and Subs

O.K. so your family or friends want pizza but you are craving something else, good cuz we got ya covered. With subs big enough to quiet that rumbling in your stomach or how about some Oven Baked Wings. Sound good? Of course it does. Let the rest of your party eat the pizza and you satisfy your craving for something different as well.

Other Stuff

From Pepperoni Rolls to Cheesy Garlic Bread and even a S'mores dessert pizza for those who want to skip dinner and go straight for the sweet stuff we have you covered. 

Open Daily

Monday 11-1/4-??

Tuesday 11-1/4-??

Wednesday 11-1/4-??

Thursday 11-1/4-??

Friday 11-1/4-??

Saturday 4-??

Sunday 4-??

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